Diy hollow book safe

Book safes are an age old way to stash ones treasuresthe key to a safe, a private document, a flask, a gun. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Diy stash book diy stash book for all your secret stuff. How to make a hollow secret stash book diy hollow books. The whole point is to conceal something from prying eyes, so be careful what book safe you choose. Handcrafted hollow book safes by bookrooks made from. Haley piersoncox from redhandled scissors is a maker of crafts, a lover of cats, an avid swearing enthusiast, a crossstitch book author, and a general purveyor of quirk. You work hard to make money, so you want to keep it safe, right. Bookrooks hollow books are handcut from real books, bound with archival quality adhesives, and finished with only the highest grade of neodymium magnets. This week were sharing how to make your own secret stash book. These instructions will lead you though the process of making a basic book safe. Secret storage books hollow books and book safes from. Their end result is a remarkably custom hollow book, made to fit several vintage valuables, each in their own compartment.

Each one is precision handcrafted from a real book, bound with archival bookbinding glue and finished off with powerful neodymium magnets to close with a snap. Making a secret book safe is a lot easier than i thought. She designed new dust covers for these books and they look great. A clever and simple design, the book safe is designed to fool even the most hardened crook. Skip the tedious pagebypage razor blade method and speed up your hollow book creation with an oscillating saw. Diy secret hollow book redux the guys at lifehacker try to take the tedious work of slicing out each page in this down and dirty hollow book safe diy guide. How to make a hollow secret stash book miss v viola. Also includes instructions for adding backgrounds, magnets, and. Secret safe books are premium quality hollow book safes. On the outside, its an ordinary hardcover book but on the inside, its a super secret storage compartment. Get your old book and remove the covering and line out where you want the box to start to cut into it for a safe i have go and done 2. Diy hollow book safe in our latest project post with ehow, we transformed one of our flea market hardback book finds into a hollowed out book safe perfect for keeping trinkets and small valuables out of view.

After 15 years in business, tens of thousands of book safes have been shipped worldwide. A hollow book is a fantastic way to keep your prized possessions safe. Skip the tedious page bypage razor blade method and speed up your hollow book creation with an oscillating saw. Once dry, glue the extra page that we allotted from step 1 over the messy front and cut out a neat rectangle. Made in the usa and built to last, bookrooks provides everything you ever wanted in a hollow book. If you were really trying to make a foolproof safe, you could use velcro or magnets to ensure that if a thief knocks everything off your shelves, your book safe wouldnt open to. I have some really nice pearls, yet no place to keep them safe. These made to order hollow book safes are the best deal around. Arguably, vintage is anything 50 years or older while antique is considered anything that is 100 years. Sure, weve all heard about the book safe trick where a hole is cut into a book to hold money or hide rock hammers from a prison warden. Make sure this is a book your own, and not one belonging to the library. A secret dictionary book safe is a brilliant way to hide old coins, money, a key to your main safe, and other valuables. Not only are book safes fun to possess, they also make a cool, unique gift. And you can use them while traveling to hide your ipod, back up cash, or other valuables from wouldbe thieves.

A diy magnetic book box is easy to make and will fit in with the rest of the books on your shelf so no one can tell its hollow. Mason jar crafts, repurposed and upcycled crafts, sewing projects and crafty diy gifts. Ive heard that these things are called book safes, but they are more like a secret hiding place in a book. Diy book safe detailed guide with 12 pictures showing the process of making book safes in bulk. Hollow books are a classic way to stash stuff in plain sight. A hollow book can be a nifty way to hide something, whether its a spare key, a secret note, or even money. Each hollow book is a oneofakind item handcrafted with attention to detail in a ninestage process. A hollow book is the ideal way to keep your possessions safe.

Product title winbest dual book hidden safe lock box with key lock. The first step into making the hollow book is to select a book. Use the request custom order button just below the pictures if you have any questions, a specific use to accommodate, or want. Hollow book safe secret storage book secret book made to. Our book safes are finely crafted and sturdily made to last for decades. Let it dry for a day and put weights on top of the book to help them stick together. Then get your cutter and your ruler and start cutting it page by page berry carefully with alot of patients. Check out this awesome way to keep your valuables safe and sound. It is loaded with diy crafts, jewelry tutorials, and all kinds of g. On the outside, its an ordinary hardcover book but on the inside, its a secret storage compartment.

Book safes are an ageold way to stash ones treasuresthe key to a. First some considerations when looking for a book safe. Before after diy book jewelry box or maybe a secret hiding spot. Hollowed out book safe a hidden compartment in a book. Heres how you can make your own hollow book box to stash your treasures. Anne frank secret safe hollow book, lovely features. Check out this awesome diy that keeps your valuables safe and sound. Book safes are an ageold way to stash ones treasuresthe key to a safe, a private document, a flask, a gun. This could make it a surprise so when they open it, it would still seem look like a book. Vintage hollow book safe old book crafts, diy vintage. From the big secret passageways to the small a secret.

A hollowedout hardback book can turn into a safe to keep trinkets and valuables out of plain sight. This site explains my techniques, which i use to churn out several hundred book safes a year. After building out the industrial bookcases for our office, its been fun collecting things wed previously had strewn. How to hollow out a book to make a secret book safe. Diy secret book safe this just might be the coolest diy gift ever, and your bookworm pal will surely go nuts over this secret stash book. Years ago i saw one of these things in a catalog and set about making my own with an xacto knife. If this is for yourself, choose a book that will fit in on your. Regardless, its a fun project that may prove useful. This diy booksafe from instructables user craftknowitall. Diy magazine make has a tutorial on using an oscillating sawthey use the dremel multimaxto speed up the. Diversion book safe with combination lock, decaller safe.

Hollow book safe secret storage book secret book made to order handmade secret book safe w \ hidden storage compartment diversion safe. I destroy books for fun and profit, and im here to tell you how to do it too. Start with a hard bound book and take of its sleeve. Instead of building a secret room you can open by pulling down a lever disguised as a book or purchasing an expensive safe to hide behind a painting, you can create a secret hiding place using things you can find around the house or at a thrift store. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Easy diy tutorial if you want to hollow out a book to create a secret spot. Diversion safes free delivery possible on eligible purchases. All book safes secret storage books hollow books and. Diy secret hollow book storage box would make a neat jewelry box diy. Book safe with combination lock, ohuhu dictionary diversion book safe, portable safe box, great for storing money, jewelry and passport. The weight is equal to that of any other one its size and doesnt sound hollow or give off any inclination of hiding anything inside its secret compartment. Faster and better instructions to make hollow book safes, with and without. How to hollow out a book to make a secret book safe arguably, vintage is anything 50 years or older while antique is considered anything that is 100 years or older.

Make a hollow book mod podge crafts, book safe, crafts. Diy book safe is part of diy book its a bit of a nerdy diy. Diy crafts, easy craft project ideas and step by step tutorials for creative decor and cool gifts. Here we show you how to recycle a hardbound book into a book safe to hold your secret treasures, love letters or valuables while traveling or at home. Remove the plastic wrap from the cover, touch up any spots that need a bit more glue, and your stash book is ready to use. Faster and better instructions to make hollow book safes, with and without any power tools.

Most people wouldnt think to browse your library for. Diy secret book safe best diy gifts popsugar smart. Looks like a leatherbound volume from the bodleian but its just a little wooden box, approx 812 x 5 x 2 7 x 378 x 158 inside thats perfect for stashing the jewels, cash, or whatever you need to stash in plain sight on the shelves. Doityourself guide to making secret hollow book safes. Make a secret stash book out of an old book that you dont use anymore and for step to step instructions go here. I show how to make a book safe that can be used to hide small items.

This easy diy project hollows out your book creating the perfect hiding place. Secret storage books, aka hollow books, book safes, stash boxes, hollowed out books or book boxes, are created by hand from real books in our studio off the west coast of canada. Hollow out his or her alltime favorite book, and youll. Obviously, this is more of a novelty than a secure safe, but its a cool and cheap project that makes a great gift. Also, my daughter is making 2 of these for keeping keep sakes for her two boys. Most people wouldnt think to browse your library for private or personal things. Conceal your cash and valuables with this easy tutorial for how to make a book safe. There is something mysteriously appealing about a hollow book safe it is a practical idea that adds to home security, but is also an ideal treasure box for sentimental keepsakes. Whether you need a safe hiding spot in plain sight, a unique way to present a special gift or even pop the question. Its one of those things that i thought id have to buy because i thought itd be a really cool gift.

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